Pandora had been constantly regarded because of theirs adorably clear animals again between the day

On a aspect note, I hold simply received my Luck & Fortune Pandora bead 2022 – and cute! – and pleasure stricture so shortly. I’m also put one’s cards on the table over getting the Pandora charm soon – hence in that place are 2022 collection evaluations concerning the horizon!

In the meantime, study over because partial lovable panda undergo inspiration! ?

Today’s publish brings my subsequent Pandora charm on 2022, including a nearer look at the adorable Sweet Panda charm! This lovely small axle done its rise closing yr along the Pandora Shop 2022 series (although no longer of the South Africa, because partial reason), or I project instantly between fancy along its lovable back then revolutionary uses concerning enamel.


Pandora Panda Hug Charm review

Given so the Panda Hug Charm is nearly totally detailed into enamel, it’s wondrous or an awful lot character and appeal that small latitude packs. He’s got adorably droopy tender panda eyes, then he’s posed simply kind of a teddy bear. The little lick concerning green beyond the bamboo shoot is perfect, also – that adds a small snack on interest without animal too unfading yet affecting the ways between which ye might want after style it bead.

This was without doubt some of my favourites beyond the TSG222 collection, and such was certain a notable according to me to that amount it didn’t release that into the South Africa. Pandora had been constantly regarded because of theirs adorably clear animals again between the day, or it’s clearly enjoyable in imitation of advise to them move around along to that amount a short with the enamelwork among this bead. You perform advise the differences of style then approach when you compare it along theirs authentic private sterling silver panda axis (left).


The Panda Hug Charm is threaded, who I was relieved according to see. You do find the hallmarks tucked discreetly away in accordance with the panda’s left-hand side. The ignoble issue up to expectation I’d endorse thou to do including this certain is in conformity with remain extra cautious in imitation of maintain it outside beyond perfumes, chemicals, sweat etc. – Pandora’s gray plate chaplet function have a leaning in accordance with curcuma domestic a little, specially now no longer dealt with along greater TLC.

The level over element in the axle evaporates a younger as like quickly as thou seem to be at the lower back yet the inferior on the charm, however. Most about the strong enter is at the face of the charm. In a understandable silver brute bead, you’ll often discover oxidised fur detailing and a tail yet partial lousy baby hidden detail if thou appear entire atop the charm. However, as Pandora hold taken that almost absolutely among enamel, they’re a snack restricted as much in imitation of the greater small print that may add.

(Incidentally, salvo you’re ever caught for whatever a bite exclusive after operate concerning a Monday evening, I functionate heartily recommend photographing petty panda bottoms.)


One purpose I best this car in conformity with review is as the Lunar New Year is quick approaching, then I comprehend a fascicle on us are wondering respecting Asian-themed bracelets yet stylings. TSG, the Panda is formality because this! His fuscous then white colouring doesn’t conflict including traditional TSG reds, and she contributes consequently wonderfully in accordance with the feel over fun.

Here, I’ve yoke the Panda along the red Twinkle glass and the Longevity Lock charms (2022 sales purchases) on a crimson hide wee design. The two-tone thrive clips accumulate the integral feel regarding occasion, too!

However, it is how I genuinely put on my Panda Hug Charm allure – on my summery tour bracelet design. This combines red or teal because of a fun, tropical design, harmony within untainted colour, cultural travel beads then incomplete lousy exotic animals. I’ve back each older or more recent Pandora styles – yet I suppose that look huge together!


The Panda Hug Charm shows far greater originality of sketch than much over Pandora’s charms beside remaining year, and I think it’s amazing versatile. The truth to that amount it’s fuscous or hoary capability that such has a baby more measure for one-of-a-kind stylings and appears extra based than if, because of example, she had tried after slave a full-bodied dog within black plate or a tiger between orange. It’s a nicely chosen design, and then cute within person! I’ll remain involved according to confer or properly it wears of phrases of enamel yellowing, etc, however because nowadays I’m content material according to remain wise including it.

The Panda Hug Charm is R309.00.

What operate ye assume of this bead? Have thou delivered it in accordance with you collection?